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As the social trend toward digital information intensifies, data continues to grow at an exponential rate. Compared to other media, optical discs ideally meet the needs for secure, long-term storage of valuable information assets because they resist the effects of temperature and humidity changes, have no need for periodic data migration, and feature functions that prevent data tampering and overwriting.

Манай компани 2 төрлийн  архивын систем шийдлийг хэрэглэгч нарт  санал болгож байна. Үүнд:

  • Оптикал технологид суурилсан оптикал диск архив
  • LTO хальсанд суурилсан архив

Оптикал диск

Which media is suitable for long-term archiving purposes? Our answer is: the optical disc.
Optical discs are highly reliable, energy efficient data storage media with a long history. Recordable optical discs for archiving inherit their characteristics, providing even higher reliability, and an estimated lifetime of 100 years or more*. Media storage does not require power so it does not generate heat. The discs can be stored at room temperature because they are highly resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

LTO хальс

XenData LTO archives scale to multiple petabytes and are available in single server and clustered configurations. Options include complete turnkey solutions with a robotic LTO library and archive server; alternatively, an archive server or server cluster may be purchased to work with a customer supplied LTO library. By adding a Cloud File Gateway to an LTO archive, files can be stored on local LTO and in the cloud.