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QSAN Хадгалах төхөөрөмж

QSAN Technology, Inc.

QSAN Technology, a leading storage technology designer and manufacturer, was founded in July 2004. Building on our vast experience in the industry, QSAN strives to build enterprise-class storage systems that pride ourselves with outstanding performance, secure data protection, and comprehensive data management. QSAN endeavors to provide the industry with high-quality data storage systems that are simple, secure, scalable and reliable.

NAS Бүтээгдэхүүний жагсаалт

XCubeNAS 8000 series

Ultra-high Performance and Virtualization Ready

XN7000 Series

Best Enterprise-Level Encryption Solution for Entry Enterprise and SMB

XCubeNAS 5000 Series

The Perfect SAN Solution for SMB Market

XCubeNAS 3000 series

The Best Balance of Production and Value for Professionals